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eynonn - Wed, 2014-07-09 11:45

Neil Eynon & the Instrumental Romance Solution

"Milton Keynes answer to Joe Satriani!" - Alex Westley.

The Neil Eynon Band

  • Neil Eynon - Guitar
  • Paul Blackwell - Bass
  • Nigel Robinson - Drums


Combining a love of instrumental music and movie soundtracks with hard rock guitar playing, Neil Eynon takes audiences on genre bending sonic journeys, where melody and feel take precedent over lightning fast playing.

Neil Eynon is a guitarist based in Milton Keynes, UK. After playing in a number of rock and metal groups, Neil decided to fully embrace his love of instrumental music and write and record "Now is the Time" (2014). This debut album showcases an eclectic range of genres from traditional blues & rock to metal, folk and even early 20th century twelve tone serialism, as well as throwing in a liberal helping of influences as diverse as Mark Knopfler, Brian May and Hans Zimmer.

After several successful one-off performances of the “Now is the Time” material, Neil has put together a group of supremely talented musicians who share his vision of taking the songs to the music loving public.



Hey There

Single release

Now Is The Time

from the album "Now Is The Time"


from the album "Now Is The Time"


Days Of Summer

from the album "Now Is The Time"

Let's Go Surfin'

from the album "Now Is The Time"

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