Introducing: Neil Eynon & the Instrumental Romance Solution

eynonn - Thu, 2020-02-13 14:51

Introducing the latest version of the Neil Eynon Band: "The Instrumental Romance Solution" Neil Eynon & the Instrumental Romance Solution

After last years summer gigs we have recruited a full time bass player in the amazing Paul Blackwell. Highly experienced, Paul has the chops to keep up with the everything Neil can throw at him. This completes the lineup with Andrew Hickman moving to his favoured guitar, and Gordon Panther on drums.

The band are attending open mic nights in the Milton Keynes & Northampton area, and are available for support slots at venues in the same area. The final touches are being applied to a 45 minute set of 100% original material, anyone interested in booking the band should refer to the EPK here

See you out there.

Update: 9th March 2022

Andrew has decided to leave the band and therefore is no longer a member of the Instrumental Romance Solution. We all wish him the best with his future endeavours.