New website online & a couple of announcements

eynonn - Thu, 2013-01-31 11:09

First off it has been a long old while since I have updated anything here, with most of my efforts going towards Recent events have prompted me to take another look at this site and redevelop it with a new layout and an all new CMS. I hope you like the new look and with the site being powered by the most excellent open source CMS Drupal, updates should be more frequent.

Secondly, I would like for anyone reading this to pass on some positive vibes to Andy Bryson who is still in hospital recovering from a brain aneurysm. Many of you will know Andy as the lead vocalist and bass player extraordinaire in Psycho Mojo, the classic rock band that we formed together. The good news is that, touch wood, he is responding well to treatment and seems to be making progress every day. But these are still early days yet and we are still quite a while from knowing when and if he will be able to resume his duties in Psycho Mojo.

Both Paul and I are going to continue working towards the début record and we will be looking to fulfil the dates we have already booked. Hopefully they will be with Andy on board other wise we will look to find a temporary bass player and I will take on lead vocals.

Well that is it for now. Watch this space for more updates future ventures, because there is work going on for some solo gigs, but I can't say any more than that at the moment.

All the best.