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Now Is The Time

eynonn - Mon, 2019-09-23 15:32

Now Is The Time (2014)

Track Listing

  1. Now Is The Time
  2. Frustration
  3. The Edge
  4. Number 4
  5. Buterflies to Ducklings
  6. Waiting For You (Now You're Here)
  7. Days Of Summer Sun
  8. Lets Go Surfin'
  9. Motions Of The Future


All songs arranged, written and produced by Neil Eynon

Guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards & ukulele performed by Neil Eynon

© 2014 NE-Thing Music

Special Thanks

My loving family; Sandra, Maya & Lucas. Cat, Martin & Jake Freed. Wilf Eynon, Paul Watson, Andy Bryson, Barry Kneller, Adrian Dunn,Martin Crane. John Raine, Mirek Frajkowsk, Dave Cross, Martin Robinson & Peter Slegg for listening to the early efforts.

All those at Cockos involved in the creation of "Reaper" & all the creators of the fabulous free vst plugins.

Russ and all the drummers and programmers involved at GrooveMonkee. Per and the folks at OddGrooves

The creators of the absolutely brilliant free software GimpShop & Inkscape.